MP3 Yourban

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MP3 Yourban Kit Topscreen Medium

"Medium" Windscreen Kit, made of high quality methacrylate (4mm, shock proof). It can be quickly fices to the vehicle using the fixing system of the flyscreen (standard equipment). It offers excellent protection from the air, allowing a more relaxed dricing, especially at a high speed. The reduced heigh proved an effective protection to the truck of the driver, avoiding, in case of rain, possible disturbances of the visual field generated by the deposition of drops on the screen.
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MP3 Yourban Top Box

Quick removing topcase kit. It fits 1 fullface or flip-up helmet + gloves. Matching vehicle body paint cover. Comfortabbble passenger backrest, same saddle fabric finishing. THe only one homologated with the vehicle, by Piaggion.
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MP3 Yourban Windscreen

Very hi-quality windshield, made of metachrylate EI50 antishock (thickness 4mm). The only one homologated with the vehicle with the vehicle, by Piaggio.
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